Welcome to the San Marcos Parent-Child Workshop

The San Marcos Parent Child Workshop provides and recognizes partnerships with families as an integral part of the community. To support each person’s growth, we work toward individualizing our program for children and families. We acknowledge that each person brings different needs, skills, interests, backgrounds and life experiences. We believe adults and children learn best through active participation with their environment and with others.

We are now enrolling for 2015-2016. Check out our new fall rates. Enrollment Information »

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  • If you would like to sign-up for a tour please call us at (805) 964-8994 or email us.

    Here is our tour schedule:

    Month Day Date Time
    October Friday 16th 9:30 AM
    October Monday 26th 9:30 AM
    November Friday 13th 9:30 AM
    November Monday 30th 9:30 AM
    December Friday 4th 9:30 AM
    December Monday 14th 9:30 AM
    January Friday 15th 9:30 AM
    January Monday 25th 9:30 AM
    February Friday 19th 9:30 AM
    March Friday 11th 9:30 AM
    March Monday 21st 9:30 AM
    April Friday 15th 9:30 AM
    April Monday 25th 9:30 AM
    May Friday 13th 9:30 AM
    May Monday 23rd 9:30 AM

for the

Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser

April 19th, 2016