Children's Curriculum

San Marcos Parents Child Workshop's environment is well-equipped and varied. Children learn to take initiative and responsibility by choosing their area of activity. Because of the low adult/child ratio (1:4), each child is assisted and encouraged in this exploration.


  • Dramatic role-playing and housekeeping

  • Block area

  • Books, games and puzzles

  • Manipulative toys

  • Writing

  • Cooking and science

  • Crafts and art activities

Areas of exploration include:


  • Sandbox

  • Play kitchen

  • Water play

  • Climbing structure

  • Bikes, trikes and scooters

  • Large blocks, ladders, planks

  • Zip-line

  • Space to build, run, explore

  • Crafts and art activities

  • Woodworking

  • Animal Care

Cooperative Group time

This part of the day is our closure for the children. It develops community and offers a wonderful time for observation of children in a group. Children have the opportunity to learn new songs, explore curriculum concepts a little more closely and build on pre-k skills.

Extracurricular Activities

Throughout the year we offer a variety of classes and experiences such as music classes from local artists and teachers.

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