Children's Curriculum

San Marcos Parents Child Workshop's environment is well-equipped and varied. Children learn to take initiative and responsibility by choosing their area of activity. Because of the low adult/child ratio (1:4), each child is assisted and encouraged in this exploration.


  • Dramatic role-playing and housekeeping

  • Block area

  • Books, games and puzzles

  • Manipulative toys

  • Writing

  • Cooking and science

  • Crafts and art activities

Areas of exploration include:


  • Sandbox

  • Play kitchen

  • Water play

  • Climbing structure

  • Bikes, trikes and scooters

  • Large blocks, ladders, planks

  • Zip-line

  • Space to build, run, explore

  • Crafts and art activities

  • Woodworking

Cooperative Group time

At 11.30am the children are divided into two groups, based on age, for group time.


The two and three year olds meet with the Director to sing songs and dance, listen to a story, and get their first experience of 'sharing time'. Whilst all children are encouraged to sit still and listen, it is understood that this is hard for very active little children!


Sitting, listening and paying attention in a more kindergarten-like setting is more strongly emphasized for the four and five years olds who meet with the Assistant-Director to work on pre-K skills. They also have a fun bi-weekly 'sharing time' where children bring treasured items from home, talk about them, and answer others' questions. 

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